關於  About US 

Studio In2 重視在功能需求和美感之間取得完美的平衡,並強調每個空間從線條到顏色的佈局和比例的重要性.堅持提供歷久彌新、現代、具藝術價值、多元化的設計給我們的客戶.

產品  Products

  • 室內空間設計 - 零售、商業/辦公、住宅、公共空間等
  • 其他 - 品牌整合設計、時尚與設計顧問
  • Interior Design - retail, commercial, residential, and hospitality spaces. 
  • Others - branding and integrated design, fashion and design consulting .


We're focused on creating spaces which strike a perfect balance between function and aesthetics with an emphasis on the importance of composition and proportion, from lines to colors. Studio In2 provides a variety of timeless, artistic, and modern designs to our clients.